About Us

our process

Decker & Halabi is a boutique advisory firm that strives to provide bespoke solutions to help our clients expand, improve profitability, generate liquidity, diversify their holdings, and solve critical problems. Our approach is “Listen, Think, Execute” and we strive to practice this in each assignment.

Ahead of formally commencing any engagement, we spend significant time with leadership to gain a thorough understanding of each business model and the requirement involved. We study our findings as a team and brainstorm all possible solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. We present a shortlist of options to the Client and jointly decide which direction to pursue. We advise on the risks of each solution transparently, upfront and make sure the structure is practical in the targets’ market.

If the companies like our structured solutions, we work tirelessly to execute in the most efficient, least disruptive manner. We never take on an engagement where there isn’t clear value that we can add.


We represent three types of clients


GCC Business Corporate Finance Support

Family Offices in international, direct SPV investments

Institutions & Joint Ventures

We work with GCC based institutions and funds across a variety of industries where we provide support for fund structuring, debt raising, restructuring, special projects and M&A

We add value to join ventures acting as an independent intermediary for corporate finance related activities


The region has suffered a soft real estate market for the last 4 years as a result of low oil prices, increased supply, and tightened liquidity from Banks. We support developers in the region to most efficiently structure payment plans, structure off-plan receivables financing and term debt, manage cash flow and structure outside capital placement.