Listen, Think, Execute

Decker & Halabi is a global advisory firm that strives to deliver a deliberate and precise strategy for each client through expertise, collaboration, and hard work

Navigating Through Global Economic Turbulence and Uncertainty

As global economies begin to re-open, D&H will provide companies support and guidance to optimize profitability and retain asset ownership over the next 24 months


Debt Advisory

Decker & Halabi have combined 30+ years of Debt Advisory Experience in Europe, USA, and the GCC It has been increasingly difficult for firms to avail properly structured senior leverage in the region. When credit approval is given, it is after many months of full-time dedication of the inhouse finance team, and often accompanied

Geographical Diversification for Family Offices

Many GCC based families have built conglomerates over several generations that span across various industry sectors. Most of these families have the majority of their wealth tied to the region. It is Decker & Halabi’s philosophy that the key to preserving and enhancing wealth lies in the geographical diversification of the