What we do

Debt Advisory

Decker & Halabi have a combined 30+ years of Debt Advisory Experience in Europe, USA, and the GCC. Our value add is in our deep experience of working with most lenders in the region that allow us to negotiate the optimal debt package in the fastest time possible.

Geographical Diversification for Family Offices

Many GCC based families have built conglomerates over several generations that span across various industry sectors. Most of these families have the majority of their wealth tied to the region. It is Decker & Halabi’s philosophy that the key to preserving and enhancing wealth

Acquisitions and Disposals

Decker & Halabi provide advice to principals on their most strategic transactions. We provide both buy-side and sell-side support on M&A across all midmarket sectors for firms whose value spans from $50m-$700m.

Restructurings and Special Projects

Decker & Halabi support businesses to reposition their capital stack in soft markets. We provide cash flow, working capital, and expense analysis to allow senior management to adequately continue operations in trying times, and

Transactional Footprint

Decker & Halabi have worked on transactions with Clients, Counterparties, and assets in the Following Countries:


Decker and Halabi have provided advisory services to clients in the following industries since commencement:

Real Estate

Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage






Tourism and Entertainment