Acquisitions and Disposals

Decker & Halabi provide advice to principals on their most strategic transactions. We provide both buy-side and sell-side support on M&A across all midmarket sectors for firms whose value spans from $50m-$700m. We only take on an assignment when the transaction is in the Clients best interest, preliminary expectations of the valuation seems reasonable, and where we have relationships that can add value on both sides of the transaction. For certain clients, we have been able to take smaller assignments that were strategic to the client’s interests.

We believe there is massive value in having an independent intermediary represent each side of the transaction. We provide market insight, expedite the process, efficiently and objectively run the negotiations, and act as a sounding board to principals as they are making vastly important decisions.

When we run the sell side process, we pride ourselves on our professional work product and tightly run process that presents the Client in the best possible manner.

When we represent a Client on the Buy Side, we ensure a deep dive analysis of the business is conducted, a fair valuation is put forth, and a clear open line of communication with the sell side advisor is ongoing.