Geographical Diversification for Family Offices

Many GCC based families have built conglomerates over several generations that span across various industry sectors. Most of these families have the majority of their wealth tied to the region. It is Decker & Halabi’s philosophy that the key to preserving and enhancing wealth lies in the geographical diversification of the family’s asset base.

Decker & Halabi work closely with numerous family offices to

  1. Analyze current holdings
  2. Understand the principals risk threshold and asset class preferences
  3. Compose and present a gradual diversification strategy to the Board
  4. Represent the Clients with Buy Side Support for direct investments into Real Estate Assets in the US and Europe

We have significant experience in real estate internationally and deep connections across the USA and Europe in several sectors. We are able to link you to the right opportunity and also ensure you are working with sound local partners with a strong track record.